Surf Nexicom High-Speed Internet as much as you want worry free. All internet packages include Unlimited Monthly Usage.

Digital Subscriber Line is our most common High-Speed Internet solution. View Details

Our Cable internet is available in the Village of Lakefield and Hamlet of Bridgenorth and now in Peterborough and Lindsay providing great communication options to their residents. View Details

Our Fibre network runs in various locations throughout Millbrook, Cavan and surrounding areas; offering fast reliable speeds to residents in those areas. View Details

Can’t get DSL, Cable or Fibre? Our network of Wireless towers has been able to bring high-speed internet to many rural residents. View Details

If all else fails, Dial-Up can provide basic services for affordable prices. View Details

Web Design
In today’s fast paced business world, websites have become an integral part of a successful business plan. Our professional, affordable web design service can help you get your business noticed online, hassle free. View Details

Nexicom hosts websites for hundreds of businesses on our servers. Leave your website in good hands with our Web Hosting service. Looking for a specific domain name? We can help with that too! View Details