Local Telephone Service

Local Service

Welcome to our local rural service area!

As your local, friendly internet and telephone provider, we'd be happy to assist you with all of your communication requirements.

Without a current phone number we will need to know your new address to ensure you are within our serving territory.

Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-888-639-4266 and our staff would be pleased to check using your new address.

Landline Rates (as dictated by the CRTC)
Millbrook/Cavan $54.81/month
Keene $55.48/month
Add Calling Features
Bundle All 10 Features $19.95/month
*Call for Individual Feature Pricing  
Included Calling Features
Voicemail Call Forward
Call Display Blocking Call Display
Call Waiting Call Transfer
Selective Call Rejection Speed Calling
Three-Way Calling Intercom
Additional Calling Features
E-Forward $2.95
Distinctive Ring $4.95
Enhanced Voice Mail $19.95
Full Detail Features Guide
Voice Mail User Guide
To order service or
speak to a representative
call 1-888-NEXICOM (639-4266)
or e-mail
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